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Philips + WowWee = SCOTY media hub

Both TIME and PC Magazine have mentioned this conceptual gadget, which — at first glance — appears to be a stack of super-sized ABS panels. Designed to play digital music, take and organize digital photos, respond to voice commands and monitor your domicile for intruders, the SCOTY (for Smart Companion Operating Technology) will also connect to wired and wireless computer networks.

According to the PC Magazine article by Lance Ulanoff, the topmost panels are articulated and contain a digital camera to survey the space in front of the device, while the LED-equipped ABS panels can change colors to match a user’s preferences, or possibly when recognizing the face of a person who enters the room.

It’s a fascinating concept, and should help dispel the popular cultural misconception that robotics technology only comes in two forms: autonomous roving gadgets (think Mars Rovers, R2-D2, the Terminator or Roomba) or hulking, emplaced devices that weld cars and lift massive objects.

Check out the PC Magazine article for more information and additional photos. – [Jeff James]  


2 Responses to Philips + WowWee = SCOTY media hub

  1. William Sommerwerck April 14, 2006 at 3:29 pm #

    But can it beam you up?

  2. Administrator May 10, 2006 at 4:01 pm #

    Hey William -

    Now *that* would be a very cool feature. If it could brew coffee that would even be better.

    Perhaps it also shouts “I ‘canna do it Cap’n, she won’t take no more!” when you get a system crash…. :)

    - Jeff J. (nxtbot.com)

    PS – Check out this post for a lower cost (and less capable) variant on the concept, which also is shipping and available at retail at the moment (at least in Europe):


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