Tyco R/C NSECT Robot Bug

Okay, this may not be breaking news: The Tyco NSECT came out in late 2006, so those of you who’ve heard about this gadget can move on to something more timely. I did come across one of these R/C bugs not long ago while shopping at a local big box store, and the thing looked suitably cool enough to write a bit about.

The six-legged gizmo can scurry forwards and backwards, and its plastic mandible can be opened and closed. The two features that stood out for me were the carapace-mounted missle launcher (that fires those little foam Nerf darts with the sucker tips) and a eye-color changing function. You can see the NSECT in action via this corporate NSECT video on YouTube, or you can check out the Amazon.com listing.

Other R/C robots may offer more functionality, but the prospect of having a missile-firing, eye-color-changing monstrosity smash through a miniature LEGO city is an image that appeals to me. (Source: Tyco RC) [- Jeff James]

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  1. William Sommerwerck October 13, 2007 at 11:18 am #

    The N.S.E.C.T. is a fun toy. I’m particularly impressed with the way it moves — almost exactly like a live insect.

    I got mine at Amazon the other day when they were $25 with free shipping. Turned out to be an early production unit with gun and other problems. Fortunately, Tyco has a friendly, responsive service department, and they’re replacing it at no charge.

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