Robotis and the Ollo Robot Construction Kit

Ollobot robot construction kit

South Korean robotics company Robotis is well known for their Bioloid line of robotics kits, but the firm is also positioning itself as a provider of robotics platforms for the educational market. Their new Ollo product line is a constructable robot kit aimed squarely at young robot builders, specifically those aged 7 to 10. That positions the Ollobot neatly underneath the LEGO Mindstorms NXT, which LEGO has positioned primarily for the 10+ audience.

The Ollo range currently consists of three products: The Ollo Bug Kit (~$99 USD), which includes a programmable module (the CM-100), a motor, an IR receiver, wireless controller and a host of plastic elements; the Ollo Action Kit (~$30 USD), which provides an electric motor and more plastic elements; and the Ollo Figure Kit (~ $20 USD), which just includes plastic building elements. Robotis has also developed some educational materials around the Ollo, which you can see an example of here.

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