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Candid Camera Meets the NXT

I recently received an email from Søren Lund at the LEGO Group pointing to a pair of LEGO-produced “Candid Camera”-style video clips they put together showing a Mindstorms NXT robot startling some people in an innocuous retail setting. One clip shows an NXT shattering the glass of a mall display, while the other features a [...]

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Energizer Launches Mindstorms NXT Promotion

  The ubiquitous Energizer bunny — who has obviously been going, going and going for some time now — has teamed up with the LEGO Group to offer Mindstorms NXT purchasers a special offer this holiday season. During the month of December, LEGO and Energizer have joined forces to offer a free NXT Power Pack  – [...]

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Ars Technica: Mindstorms NXT Review

PC hardware enthusiast site Ars Technica recently took a look at the new Mindstorms NXT (back in August, actually) and posted a lengthy multi-page review by Nate Anderson.  The review includes quite a few photos and screengrabs — including one or two of Nate’s “Frumious Bandersnatch v1.2” robot (seen below) – as well as a few quicktime [...]

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More NXT Blogs Hit the Web

With the recent release of the Mindstorms NXT, a number of new NXT-specific blogs and websites have begun appearing on the web. The Mindstorms NXT Review offers up regular posts and commentary on what’s new and upcoming in the NXT community, while also provides some compelling news and content, teamed with a slick, attractive [...]

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Gizmodo: NXT First Impressions

With the first retail NXT sets now making their way into the hands of consumers, some initial product reviews of the newest member of the Mindstorms family are beginning to appear. Gadget site Gizmodo was one of the first to post their initial review of the NXT, with some personal impressions and opinions by Joel [...]

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HiTechnic Products announces NXT Sensors

HiTechnic Products has been making custom sensors and accessories for the original RCX for years. Now they’ve expanded their product line to support the new NXT as well, and have announced two NXT-ready products: a compass sensor and a color sensor (latter pictured above). Here’s some additional info on the compass sensor from the HiTechnic [...]

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RCX Old School: The DominoBot

Everyone loves to see a giant row of dominos getting knocked over in perfect sequence, with lines of the falling tiles snaking off into every direction. Everyone loves to see the finale, but what about all the hard work that went in to lining up thousands of those blasted little things? Robot builder Dave Astolfo [...]

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Sprechen Sie NXT?

Filip Verhaeghe’s excellent bNXT site has now added a listing of German NXT blogs for Mindstorms fans that prefer deutsch. The list isn’t very long at the moment, but this handy listing joins Filip’s other useful link resources for Spanish, Portugese and Dutch NXT news as well. Check them all out over at the bNXT [...]

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NXT vs RCX: What’s New?

The official LEGO Education site has a nice comparison chart showing — in detail — the differences between the exiting RCX Mindstorms system and the new NXT product. The chart has been up for a while, but a quick lookthrough may be useful to those of you intrigued by the differences between the new and [...]

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NXT pre-orders announced

Our friends over at the LEGO online shop have announced that they’ll start accepting pre-orders for the new MINDSTORMS NXT on April 1st for the retail price of $249.99. Additional online retailers are also participating in the pre-sell program, including ToysRUs, Fry’s, Amazon, Target, Wal-Mart and others. The official LEGO Mindstorms site will post updates on the [...]

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