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Can you survive a robot uprising?

That timeworn science fiction story staple of renegade robots turning the tables on their human masters has been used countless times in film, novels, video games and other types of entertainment. In order to provide we hapless, squishy lifeforms a chance against our metal-skinned creations, author, roboticist and Carnegie Mellon Ph.D. Daniel H. Wilson has written [...]

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Hitec Robotic’s ROBONOVA-1 now available

One of the newest products from Hitec Robotics is the ROBONOVA-1, a bipedal robot kit that students, educators and hobbyists can use to build a bipedal humanoid robot. This beauty can be assembled in under 8 hours with just a screwdriver, and can walk, perform cartwheels, dance and perform other impressive types of physical movements. With programming [...]

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Ugobe reveals Designer Life Forms

At the 2006 DEMO Conference today UGOBE announced the first of their new line of Designer Life Form robotics products, beginning with the cuddly Pleo. Designed to look like a newborn dinosaur (a 1-week old Camarasaurus sauropod, to be exact), Pleo sports 40 sensors, a life-like movement system, 14 servo joints and the ability to [...]

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News and Views

Thanks to the helpful input and timely suggestions of our intrepid nxtbot.com readers, we’ve made an update to our blogroll with a host of new robotics-related sites for your perusing pleasure. We’ll continue to add links to new and interesting robotics sites on the web, so keep those suggestions coming! There’s also been some coverage of [...]

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Furby creator Caleb Chung launches UGOBE

  Made famous by his work on the ubiquitous Furby, toy inventor Caleb Chung has founded a new robotics company — Ugobe — that is reportedly working on a new robotics toy. According to a recent article by Mark Calvey in the East Bay Business Times, Ugobe execs liken their new firm to Pixar, stating that Ugobe [...]

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Robotics technology and mine safety

In response to the tragic string of fatal mining accidents to hit the mining community over the last few months, a few experts are advocating that robotics technology assume a greater role in improving mine safety. The National Geographic website has a lengthy news story by John Roach on recent trends in this area, including the [...]

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The coming revolution in robotics?

Tim Beyers at The Motley Fool recently interviewed noted futurist Paul Saffo, and a good part of the discussion revolved around Saffo’s belief that consumer robotics may soon have as much of an impact on society as the personal computer and the Internet. Here’s a small excerpt from Beyer’s interview with Saffo: Paul Saffo: To me, it [...]

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¡Buen Perro! Sony Introduces AIBO ERS-7M3

Although not breaking news, we had to mention the latest version of the AIBO robotic pet from Sony, which was released in late 2005. This latest variant — the AIBO ERS-7M3 — boasts a number of novel new features, including updated control software and the ability to understand about 30 Spanish words and phrases (in [...]

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nxtbot.com wants you…

…to pass along any links to other compelling sites and blogs covering personal, consumer and industrial robotics. We’ve kicked off our blogroll by adding a link to Steve & Lisa Chua’s excellent nxtclub.com blog about the upcoming Mindstorms NXT. Drop a note with your suggestions to jeff [at] nxtbot.com. Thanks!

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2006 CES Report: First Look at the Mindstorms NXT (Part 3)

  In this final look at the Mindstorms NXT unveiling at CES we’ll take a gander at a few of the models that were on display at the show, as well as offer up a few samples of the prototype product packaging. There were a few new NXT-created gadgets on hand, including a robotic scorpion [...]

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